organisations are interconnected with different environments. an organisation’s sensitivity, flexibility and smartness to manage transformations within those environments often decides on its future success or failure. that means that unexpected events or “blind spots” are a make-or-brake issue in our era of destabilization, risk and liquidity.

since it is impossible to predict and prepare for something unexpected (what would force us into a quite passive and un-inspiring position anyway), it is more important to establish some kind of virtuosity in facing the unknown. what if a social community, a company, or a city were shifted to unusual contexts, like strange fictional worlds or distant times and be forced to adapt? what if they were confronted with spontaneous variations that rock the conditions of their daily business?

meta serial games // speculative concepts

pre∆lab is currently exploring meta game tools that make  it possible to “play” organisations in different contexts and with different speculative interventions (see alternative realities). well-known systems are transformed into experimental systems, rendering visible possibilities and barriers of change, producing alternative modes of operation, and, finally, provoking speculative concepts of how to shape an organisation’s future.