it is hard to step outside one’s own perspective and walk in the shoes of others, but it is even  harder to identify the “mechanics” that shape the way we form our own opinions and accept or reject the viewpoints of others.

perspective games // perspection

“perspective games” is pre∆lab´s game-based methodology  to reflect human’s worldviews, perspectives, and values. it supports us in better understanding processes of sense-making and opinion-formation, and  challenges our perceptions and critical thinking capabilities.

in game-based experiments, players are educated in rhetorical patterns, in stratagems, and in psychological  persuasion-tools in order to better understand how they construct meaning and influence others. challenging the gamification approach that influences human behavior by affective stimuli, pre∆lab suggests an approach of “persuasive gaming” that is based on cognitive work. introducing the term “perspection” we describe a category of game-based experiences that confront players with their individual viewpoints,  with techniques of opinion making, and with the transformation of  perspectives through public discourse and social expectancies.